The Balaji College of Arts, Commerce & Science (BCACS) which offers various under graduate courses is affiliated to University of Pune.
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Rules & Regulations

Students and parents are instructed to read these carefully
  1. Students are advised to regularly read all notices displayed on the notice boards at various places. Ignorance of the same cannot be justified.
  2. Students must always carry their I-Card. The same must be produced if demanded by any college authority.
  3. Students shall attend lectures, practicals, tutorials,unit tests and examinations and shall keep their guardians informed of their progress in studies.
  4. Students should note that they will not be permitted to appear for the Board /University Examination if they fail to satisfy the college authorities on any of the following grounds:
    1. At least 80% attendance at Lectures/Practical.
    2. Attendance and performance at the college examinations / tutorials.
    3. Good and disciplined behavior on the college campus.
    4. Obedience to instructions of teachers, staff and any college authorities.
    5. Payment of fees as instructed.
  5. Students should note that smoking, chewing tobacco, use of drugs is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  6. Students must switch off their mobile phones in the classrooms and laboratories during any academic activity otherwise a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged.
  7. Students must observe strict discipline in the college campus and should not disturb the college/teaching and administration in any manner whatsoever.
  8. Students should take proper care of college property, and help in keeping the premises clean, neat and tidy. Any damage will be treated as serious breach of discipline and the cost of the damages will be recovered from the students.
  9. No society or association shall be formed by the students in the college and hostel, and no person should be invited to attend and address any meeting without prior permission of the Principal.
  10.  If a student desires to remain, absent for any genuine reasons, prior permission of the Principal/ Vice-Principal should be taken.
  11.  Students should not loiter about and sit near classrooms, laboratories, in corridors, staircases etc. that may cause disturbance to the classes which are going on. Students should either go to library or leave the college premises if there are no lectures or practicals.
  12.  No students will be allowed to enter the class/knock at the door or leave the class once the faculty is in the classroom.
  13. Students are not permitted to ask for breaks during the lecture sessions.
  14.  Students must not request the faculty for cancellation of lectures. Peeping into classrooms, signaling by gestures etc. while the lecture is in progress by the students are acts of misconduct.
  15. Students should be dressed orderly. Slippers, jeans, T-shirts etc. are not allowed in the academic block.
  16. Writing graffiti on the walls of the campus or putting any poster in the rooms of the hostels is an act of indiscipline. Such acts will attract severe punishment.
  17. Disrespect or discourtesy to guests, faculty and office staff will be considered as an act of indiscipline.
  18. Any article/ publication of the college should not be given to any press.
  19. The timely payment of all the dues and submissions of all the required documents within the stipulated time is compulsory for all students.
  20. Use of helmet while riding two-wheeler is compulsory otherwise a fine of Rs. 500/- will be charged. Vehicles should be parked properly in the parking area only. Unnecessary use of horn is strictly prohibited.
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